The Chop Swap is a Mobile Application
virtual swap meet for the homemade/
maintained motorcycle community.

All motorcycles have a place at this swap meet!

We love every niche from modern fuel drag bikes to vintage psychedelic choppers. So many parts are out there, gathering dust in garages, basements, and sheds across the country. Build your profile, post as many items as you want to sell or trade, post what you need for your bike to let others know what you're looking for, and search for parts.

The more we post, the bigger the database gets and the more useful a tool this becomes for you and your bike. We went with a Mobile App for this concept in order to make it simple so all you have to do is snap a picture with your phone thru the App and describe the item….BAM! Posted! You don't have to list a price since you won't be in a hurry to sell. We all have that big item that we may consider trading for something special, but want to hold onto it until that something special comes along.